Buying More for Less: Week 2

You’ve decimated half of the leftovers in your fridge, set up the last of your new tech purchases, passed the last of that turkey and even the most stubborn stores have stopped with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales: that means the holidays are halted right? WRONG! Christmas is just around the corner and the deals are as bountiful as your fridge. Go online and you can still find great deals on Christmas gifts or just more tech toys for yourself. Amazon, TigerDirect, Newegg, and most of your favorite website have probably found some way to turn this trans-holiday lull into a specials zone and drive up sales. Another avenue you may want to explore, woot. is a company owned by that focuses on one sweet daily deal. Because of the vagueness of that mission statement, it’s often a hit or miss ordeal (you could get an iPad one day and a Dyson vacuum the next) so you have to check it once every morning and hope that they have something you want; if it is the prices are hard to beat. But woot isn’t just a one trick pony; they have a home.woot site that offers good prices on furnishings and other home décor items; Wine.woot offers quality brand name vintage wines and wine accessories; kids.woot offers deals on kids toys and fun stuff that anyone with an inner child can enjoy; and shirt.woot offers… shirts. All these sites use the same one day, one deal setup but woot does have one more trick up its sleeve, deals.woot. Deals.woot offers five deals each day and below that has deals posted by the woot community from a number of websites. What really drags me into woot though is the feel. The whole thing feels more personal and small business-y (just read their disclamer – yes, I suggested reading disclaimer – and you’ll know exactly what I mean) and it makes shopping a more pleasant ordeal. If there’s anything you’re looking for, I suggest this site as one of the places you should look before you buy. That’s my tip for today, more coming your way next week!

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