Tech Deals

Whenever people see my collection of technology, they either get the impression that I’m rich or I squander away my fortunes. But having technology isn’t as expensive as you may think and I’ll show you in this new segment. Let’s start with basics that even grandma can get in on. You may be bumming out on that missed chance over black Friday and maybe cyber Monday didn’t rack in the treasure trove you expected to but don’t fret, it’s not over yet. This season is ripe with deals from online retailers; Chiefly Just watch the hourly deals ticker and you’ll be sure to find yourself a steal. Last year during this post black Friday/pre Christmas sale I was able to snag a pair Monster Turbines for $54.99, these things retail for 129+ regularly so that’s a pretty steep mark down. If you’re looking for a phone, get a new line of service and you’ve got yourself a free high-end smartphone (I’m talking Galaxy, Droid and all of HTC’s offerings, not the cheap stuff) for a penny shipped! Also, if you got that great deal on the TV or Monitor or speaker system, don’t buy the cables in-store! Store often mark up these products to make up for the lowered price on the real tech. And no matter how many BestBuy employees tell you that you need gold plated connections, don’t buy it. If you go to Amazon you can have a brand new pair shipped the next day for 5 bucks or less (assuming that you have Prime, which you should). Newegg, TigerDirect and other retailers also blow out their inventories around this time so if you’re at a desk job or have access to the internet otherwise, it can’t hurt to check out these and other top sites once every hour or two. That’s it for now but there’s definitely more to come!


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